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The Amazing Benefits Of A Tall Glass Of Water

Amazing Benefits Of A Tall Glass Of Water
Rev up your metabolism first thing in the a.m. by drinking this before your morning cup of joe.

A cup of coffee may be the first thing you want to reach for each morning.

But do yourself a favor — from now on, while you wait for the pot to brew, drink a tall glass of fresh cold water.

This is the easiest step you might ever take to improve your health, according to those in the know.

“Starting each morning by drinking 16 ounces of cold water will help to increase your metabolism by 24 percent — meaning you’ll kickstart your metabolism to burn more calories,” said Clark Lagemann, a New Jersey-based wellness expert, entrepreneur, and IRONMAN athlete.

“There are probably another 10 great reasons to drink water each day, but after coaching thousands of members to help them lose weight and improve their health, the No. 1 request I hear is, ‘How do I lose weight easier and healthier?’ This is by far the best process,” he told LifeZette.

We’ve heard that we need to drink more water ever since we were little kids, and for good reason. We don’t drink enough of it, typically, and it’s easy for our bodies to get dehydrated. Especially after a long night’s rest.

Angela Lemond, the national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told USA Today water is “the gold standard fluid for the body,” as it is believed to help aid in digestion and other important body functions.

“An adult body is around 55 to 60 percent water,” she said, so “drinking water every day is vital for the body to work correctly.”

“Drinking a couple glasses of water to allow the body to rehydrate allows for better digestion when you do eat. It also helps with moving the lower bowels for regularity in the mornings,” she added.

Another benefit — drinking plenty of water has long been shown to help reduce hunger cravings. Our bodies easily mistake thirst for hunger. If we’re not properly hydrated, it is easy to overeat. source

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